Citizens Restraining Order

District of Columbia

In the Court of Public Opinion for the
United States of America

Washington, D.C.
CIVIL ACTION No. 2019-1123

Undersigned Legal Citizen of the United States


Nancy Pelosi, in her capacity as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Citizens Restraining Order

WHEREAS: Reportedly, no fewer than ten (10) standing committees of the House of Representatives are going ahead with so-called investigations of President Trump; and

WHEREAS: Said so-called investigations concern unfounded allegations, among them collusion with Russia by then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016, which Special Counsel Mueller has investigated and failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump; and

WHEREAS: The new Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Rep. Maxine Waters, has repeatedly called for the impeachment of President Trump and is likely to use her investigative authority (including the power to issue subpoenas) as a pretense for supporting articles of impeachment against President Trump; and

WHEREAS: The undersigned believes the true purpose of these investigations is:

  1. To place the Trump Administration under siege with unreasonable demands, and
  2. To deliver a "down payment" on the impeachment of President Trump, and
  3. To ultimately damage and weaken the President politically heading into the 2020 election year.

THEREFORE: The undersigned U.S. citizen hereby endorses this Restraining Order and demands a permanent injunction against any House of Representatives committee investigation of President Donald Trump in advance of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. You are ordered to halt immediately any House committee investigation of this sort.

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